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The program is unavailable for downloading: only comes in bundle with Nokia PC Suite.
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  • Main window
  • Language Map Selection
  • Navigation and Guides Features
  • Available Continents
  • Saving Indonesia
  • Download India map
  • Map Asia

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Adrian Perez Senior editor

This program has been reported to be unavailable on a regular basis.
This implies that we are unable to provide universally applicable download links, relevant version information.
Nokia Map Loader downloads maps of over 200 countries to your PC which can be transferred to Nokia Maps on a mobile device (both available for free on the the download page). Once the map is transferred to a mobile device, it can be used any place at any time saving on mobile data service costs.
The Nokia Map Loader application installed on your PC has to be synchronized (usb cable, bluetooth or IR) with a mobile device with Nokia Maps previously installed. The application will calculate the amount of free space on the device´s memory which is subtracted by the size of the chosen map on the PC application. A variety of countries and cities are listed on the interface from which any can be selected and downloaded. The Nokia Map Loader has the option to transfer the map or maps automatically or manually using the Nokia PC Suite. City maps can also be selected according to their spoken language.

Other services like the Navigation tool which is a turn-by-turn voice guided navigation feature or the Guides feature which displays a wide variety of hotels, restaurants, tourist information, sights, entertainment and many more are also available but require purchase. This application has a very user friendly purchasing system.


  • Works offline on a mobile device.
  • A wide variety of countries are available.
  • User friendly interface.


  • Maps lack some detail.
  • The Guides feature should be included without purchase.

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    baldisar 5 years ago

    will not even install to windows 7 64 bit

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    uchiha itachi 5 years ago


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    Guest 5 years ago

    trial only lasts for 9days. Stay with version 2.0 as this trial lasts for 90days. basically does the same thing!